Wednesday 25 February 2009

The stitching strategies of a desperate woman

I get a bit stir-crazy if I don't find time to stitch in a day. It's not pretty! To save myself & everyone around me, I devise little strategies to squeeze in some sewing amongst the busy-ness of the every day. I have been making these blocks. 
Even if I only get one made per day, I feel satisfied to have at least accomplished something!
I keep a small plastic box of 1" scrappy strips readily accessible. I use Melly & Me's scrappy challenge tutorial, but employ freezer-paper foundation piecing as it is infinitely quicker. I can make one of these 5" blocks in 20 minutes flat!
And slowly, but surely, these little blocks are accumulating. They make me happy!
I have even taken to using some selvage strips in the blocks which is fun -  Ric Rac, the selvedge queen, would be so proud!
What tricks do you have to scratch the stitching itch on a busy day?
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