Friday 6 June 2008

Hey Mum, can you knit?

My 12-year-old blossie has put in an order for an iPod cover. She spotted this very cool felted number in the latest Inspirations magazine Issue 58 prompting the query, "Can you knit Mum"?"Well, yes my sweet, in another lifetime I do vaguely recall doing something click-clacky with needles & wool - perhaps you could ask Grandma?" I replied hastily, hoping to flick-pass the job to the wonder knitter of the family. Undeterred, blossie cajoled, "Oh no Mum, I'm sure you could do it. Now, I would like it in these colours if possible": And so, as any mother of a cajoling daughter with her heart set on a pink, lime, mango & sea breeze coloured iPod cover would do, I set off to look for some yarn. I fully expected to draw a blank on the colours, especially in pure wool required for felting. But blow me down, I found just the thing: And so I find myself a long way from my usual fabric & thread & have blown the cobwebs off the knitting needles. Yikes! Here is the progress: With an excited daughter at my side urging on every stitch, I expect it should be finished soon!
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