Tuesday 10 May 2011

You know life’s been busy …

… when your Google Reader count hits 1000+ unread posts! Mercifully, I had a quiet Monday at home, catching up on some ‘around the house’ stuff.

On the stitching front, I added an occasional stitch to this little panel. It is from Leanne Beasley’s ‘Vignette in Stitches’ project. I intend to use it for a cover for my diary.
I have been fiddling with some ‘Hullabaloo’ Dresden plates. It is a sweet new range by ‘Urban Chiks’ for Moda.
And I pause every now and then to enjoy my Mother's Day flowers from my nine-year-old blossie!
I’ve not made much progress on the 1000+ unread posts. I confess, sometimes life means I have to ‘mark all as read’ and start afresh!
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