Wednesday 10 April 2013

My dog, my kite and me

My girls have been duly connected with their kites, and my felt table centre is completed.

The design is by Mandy Shaw of Dandelion Designs and is from Australian Homespun #109. It reminds me of scherenschnitte, a form of German paper cutting which I love.

The table centre is large, at almost 60cm across. I chose neutral colours in contrast to Mandy's more vibrant red and green. It is pure chance that it happens to match the carpet!

The table centre is essentially two layers of felt, the upper brown layer cut carefully with small scissors, and appliqued to a cream lower layer. 

I began blanket stitching by hand, but soon realised it would take me an eternity. So the hand stitching was unpulled and replaced with a machine blanket stitch. Only the kite strings are embroidered by hand. It is very satisfying to have finished a project - it has been a while :) And just quietly, I love it. Great pattern Mandy!
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