Wednesday 8 April 2009

March of the loyalty cards

I have at least 20 cards in my wallet, most of which only get used very occasionally. I was fed up with these cards falling out of my wallet. Thankfully, A Spoonful of Sugar came up with the perfect solution! Using their Scrappy Loyalty Card Wallet tutorial, at last my cards are in some sort of order! I made this one ... to go with this bag
But then this bag needed a matching wallet too: 
My 13-year-old blossie is away for an entire week on cadet camp (read: 'roughing it, no showers, lots of dust, sleeping in the open'!), so I thought she would enjoy a little surprise on her pillow when she returns. This one goes with her frilly dilly.
I had fun in amongst my vintage buttons ... 
... with this duck egg blue one being my favourite. 
Couldn't resist using a little selvedge trim on this one for my daughter.
Thank you to Lisa & Sarah for a great tutorial. I had lots of fun making these, and my world is a nicer place now that my cards are organised. The house is a mess, but my handbag is looking very cool!
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