Sunday 21 February 2010

10 things I hate about me

No, that would be an horrible way to start the week - I couldn't do it to you! But one thing about me that I'm frustrated about at the moment is my apparent inability to get projects finished. I get bored with projects quickly, & find myself constantly on the look out for something new to tackle. The fallout is a huge pile of half-finished ideas, languishing in the corner waiting for my attention.
Motivated by my gorgeous friend Peg, the queen of finish-it-up, I am doing some well deserved 'butt-kicking' & declaring war on the huge pile in the corner.
The stitched panel for this baby sampler has been complete for 'some time' (way too long). I have finally made it up into the tiny cushion it was always meant to be, and it is winging its way to its sweet recipient.
Couldn't resist matching polka dots, and white bows at the back.
Did I get the year wrong on the stitchery? Nope, true confessions - it's 12 months late! Perhaps little Macey can use it as a dolly pillow?!
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