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Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Fun at the fair

There were lots of treasures to be found at our annual school fete on the weekend, the highlight being this gorgeous old pink dish for $2.50 on the White Elephant stall. I have no idea what era it is from, but it reminds of my Grandma's depression glass.
I spoiled myself with a new necklace made by Picadilly Designs.
And I found wonderful fresh quinces & rhubarb. The quinces are destined for quince paste, and the rhubarb is screaming to be teamed with new season apples in a crumble.
So there is no shortage of things for me to do today. There is one more frilly dilly to be finished, this one for my daughter ...
And I need to get back to finish this ...
and this ...
Although I'm really tempted to pop over here & make one of these sweet pincushions!
Have a great day. I'd better get to it!
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