Tuesday 11 November 2008

How one thing leads to another ... and another ...

Sew-Amy left me a message recently, requesting that I show more of the embroidery in this post. I had intended to post the finished article, but since it is not likely to be finished for some time (!), here is the progress thus far:

Inspired by Janelle's gorgeous journal covers, here, here, here and here, I was keen to make one up myself. Then I happened across the Sweet Tidings blog, and this post. Which in turn led to the lovely Elsa Mora blog and a free embroidery design.

This little design had whimsy written all over it for me!

And what better title for a journal for me than 'Whimsy'?! Stitched on linen with the lovely variegated DMC colours that Natalie used for this project.

So the embroidery is done, and all that remains is to make up the cover. Who knows when that will happen!
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