Friday 8 October 2010

Our school holidays, in 10 photos or less

In a blink of my eye, the two weeks of school holidays have passed. But in the eye of my camera, much was accomplished.
There was time for long and relaxed strolls
 in our farm garden ... 
... the irises resplendent.
There was time to smell the first of these:
Beautiful weather for plenty of this:
And blow me down, even a little time for some of this:
And what would spring be without a wedding:
I have but two cousins, and the elder of them married his bride in a beautiful country garden in the Riverina.
The guests were transported 75km by bus, to a station homestead for the wedding. 
 Thankfully, the weather was perfect. An inclement day could have been disastrous, since the access road becomes impassible with rain! 
 And if that didn't make for a perfectly romantic day, there was even a piper. Awww, how I love a piper!
For the Aussie mums, I hope you have enjoyed a great holiday from school with your kids. Now surely fourth term will be quiet and uneventful ... won't it?!
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