Thursday 7 August 2008

My first snow!

An amazing day for us today - snow!! Neither I nor any of my kids have seen snow before, so it was very special. The locals said the snowflakes were the biggest they'd ever seen - the size of fifty cent pieces. It was overwhelmingly beautiful, & a whole lot of fun for the kids at school. The photo below is my daughter's English class . Hmmm, not much English done today! The weather forecast is predicting significant snow to come. Very exciting! More snow arrived tonight, which inevitably meant some after dinner snowball fights! And would that happen to be my son in his pyjama pants? Well of course! I realise snow is a bit ho-hum for so many of you from the Northern Hemisphere, but for me seeing snow falling from the sky for the very first time today, I was overwhelmed by it's transforming beauty, and it's amazing silence! A friend's young child thought it was God fluffing his pillows & showering us with loose feathers! I was awestruck by His creation today.
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