Tuesday 14 October 2008

Mission accomplished

The "quilt made in a week" is done - well, almost. The bind is not entirely finished, but enough to be wrapped up & given.
So did she like it? Well there were excited & repeated 'wow!' and 'how cool!' statements, so you have to be happy with that from a 13-year-old! Thank you to everyone who left comments, urging me on to finish this quilt in the last week. I have NEVER made a quilt so quickly & I certainly would have given up, but for your enthusiastic encouragement! I am cautious about posting photos of my children on my blog, but I will email each of you who have commented with some photos of my 'teenage' (how did that happen?!) blossie. 
I hope to take the finished quilt over to the Botanic Gardens & drape it artistically over a tree or something for some photos to show you soon. Best wishes, Bloom.

Still stitching

Today is my eldest blossie's 13th birthday. We opened her presents this morning, & I quietly confessed that there was one gift that wasn't quite ready for giving as it wasn't finished yet. She laughed at me knowingly! Not because she knows what I am making, but that she knows I am always up late finishing birthday gifts at the last minute! So I have an extension on my deadline until after school today ... bind, bind, bind!
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