Sunday 12 May 2013

A mother's work

A very happy day to all mothers today. I hope you have been made to feel special for all that you do for your families.

I have put my hand up this term to teach Sunday School, and as coincidence would have it, a portion of today's lesson was about original sin and how God's disappointment manifested itself, in part, by decreeing that women would have pain in childbirth!

My group of young innocents (aged 9-12) were wide-eyed with the apparently new thought that their mothers may have endured pain in bringing them into the world. I suspect I sent them home with a newfound appreciation for their mothers, especially the boy who was one of seven :)

It is not new news that mothers are often asked to fulfil unusual requests for their children. My youngest fancies herself as a song writer and, as a writing task for school, has decided to produce her first album (!) 

She has written some songs with an anti-bullying theme, and centred on the concept of never having to walk alone through life. She asked me to take some thoughtful shots of her walking alone through the Botanic Gardens, hoping that she might use the photos for her album cover. Ha, my first official photo shoot :)

She spent a lot of time gazing pensively and meaningfully in a manner worthy of any sultry songstress!


The gardens are looking particularly beautiful right now and it was entirely pleasure on my part to wander about taking artistic shots of my lovely girl in the late afternoon light.

This is the same girl who was so ill last year, and whose sickness has had a profound and lasting effect upon her. It has left her with a compassion for others and their sufferings that she may well not have otherwise had.

As you might guess, I also took the opportunity to sneak an occasional shot of the Autumn loveliness of the gardens.

There is every hue of red, orange and gold strewn gloriously across the lawns and paths.

And the sasanqua camellias are stunning right now.

Since a child, I have been intrigued by the delicate, golden stamens that form ethereally from the centre of many blooms ...

... with their perfectly formed anthers floating atop, loaded richly with pollen. So beautiful!

I spotted this tiny curiosity as we left the gardens. It looks as if it may be related to the arums, but I really have no idea what it is. Equally beautiful in its own way!

Finally, as we approached the garden gate late in the afternoon, the sun was blazing gloriously on these three magnificent maples, standing sentry for all to admire. A breathtaking sight. And so ended one of the less arduous tasks asked of me as a mother!
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