Friday 12 June 2009

Blooms, all the way from Iceland!

The lovely Berglind of Miss Bee & I decided to do a little fabric swap recently. Since she is in Iceland and I am in Australia, we are all but on geographically opposite sides of the world! Berglind bravely accepted the challenge of sending me 'something nice' and here is what arrived!
Beautiful, beautiful blooms! This fabric is called 'Olive Rose' by Valori Wells for Freespirit. It is stunning and a range I've not seen in Australia anywhere. Thank you so much Berglind - it is very special - you chose perfectly!
Even the selvedge is gorgeous!
And how rare to see FIFTEEN colour dots on the selvedge! (Poor Ric-Rac will be hyperventilating - hi Jodie!)
And there were other treats, including the PERFECT quilter's nail file. I am blessed with the best blog friends.
Now, what can I make of this I wonder?
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