Monday 5 April 2010

New storage

My latest hair-brained idea in my never-ending quest to organise my stitching projects is this set of tins.
I had the good fortune to find these biscuits at my local supermarket in the post Christmas sales. They were filled with the most divine chocolate biscuits, but it was the tin that really took my eye. I love the embossed filigree-style pattern on the lid. I bought as many tins as remained on the shelf!
It took us a whole term of school lunches to eat our way through the biscuits (!), but at last they are ready for housing my projects. I have stuck strips of scrap booking paper to the outside of the tins with double-sided tape.
And the lid has a ducky little indent, just perfect for adding labels so that I know which tin contains what! I do love them. Not sure if it will help me get projects finished any more quickly, but at least they look good. And surely looking good is half the battle ... isn't it?!
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