Friday 16 July 2010

One quilt + one small boy = ?

I am just back from two weeks at our farm, pruning the garden into shape. I took the opportunity to take some photos of a quilt I made for my son a few years ago.
The pattern is called 'Road to St Louis', and I made it in the brightest of colours, tempered by a dark navy & tan microcheck for the background.
The backing is a brilliant purple swirl fabric, and for the label, I asked my boy to draw a picture of himself at the time!
My baby boy is now eleven, and ever so willing to help me with photographing his quilt. "How about I run around like a lunatic Mum?"
"Or perhaps take my quilt for a bike ride in the mud to get the mail?"
"How about this Mum? Is this good?"
We did have fun taking these photos together, and it was the perfect tonic for taking my mind off some medical stuff that is going on for me. I had a benign tumour removed from my spine 14 years ago, and have had no further trouble until just recently. Recurring neck pain has raised suspicions of a further tumour, culminating in an MRI today. I will not receive the results until next Tuesday. I am working hard at not worrying until I have something definitive to worry about. Thankfully, I live with the perfect distraction - a cheerful, 11 year old boy!
Lovely to be back chatting with you. Bloom x
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