Friday 19 March 2010


One of the things that I love about blogging is that it causes me stop in the midst of a busy life and look for peace, beauty & interest in the everyday things around me. So that I can share them with you!
The light in the garden in the late afternoon at the moment is quite special.
I took just a few moments out to snap these shots.
Common little garden blooms rendered gorgeous by a setting sun.
And tonight, in my little bit of Australia, we spent the twilight watching a Teachers vs Year 12 cricket game.
An email was distributed before the game to the staff (of which my Sweetness is a member) to this effect: "Barracking is encouraged but we do ask that it be both age sensitive and relevant. For example, 'Have a go you baldy old git' would be quite appropriate"!
Year 12 won, but I have to say the old boys did not disgrace themselves! A really relaxing end to a busy week. Have a great weekend. Bloom x
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