Tuesday 25 March 2008

'Antique' stitching?

Over the break, I managed to find my very earliest piece of embroidery. This was started at school when I was in kindergarten. We were given a piece of huckaback cloth & instructed to weave patterns of our own design through the little loops on the cloth.
If you look carefully, you'll see that the first few rows are standard public school issue perle thread. Being a bit enthusiastic, even at that age, about embroidery, I took the piece home and raided Mum's stash of stranded embroidery flosses to complete the stitching. So stylish!
I am stalling for just a little bit of time with this post as I am still finishing the prize for my giveaway - no, it won't be a bit of huckaback with gaudy patterns on it! So this is the last chance to enter the draw by leaving a comment. Hoping to announce the winner in my next post.
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