Saturday 19 October 2013

A thing for green

The newly 18-year-old daughter of my last post has deemed that she needs a birthday quilt. She spotted this collection of 'Daisy Chain' by Amy Butler in my stash and swooned. She has a thing for green just now.

She declared that she wanted something simple and understated, not too fussy. I asked her to draw a sketch of what she was thinking:

We all fell about laughing at her expense. Her father said we could call the design, 'Excel Spreadsheet'! Poor sweet! Her brain is full to overflowing with HSC content. No room left for quilt designs obviously!

I pulled a few more aquas, navies and tans from the stash, to calm down the green. Can't say I'm big on green, but emerald is the 'go to' right now. And daughter has decreed it, so green it is.

After some consultation with the designer, we decided on a modification of her original plan. I did a quick mock up on my Quiltography app, which I can highly recommend. In the early days, Quiltography was restricted to a set of prescribed blocks, but with later updates, I can draw up my own blocks. It is lots of fun, quick and easy, and a whole lot more productive than Candy Crush! (If you're quick, you can get it for 20% off this weekend). Watch this space. Hoping to start putting this quilt together soon. Bloom x
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