Monday 8 February 2010

The postman always rings twice

Actually, the postman doesn't ring at all at our place! I'd be happy if he'd just ring once, so that I didn't have to keep checking the mailbox when I am expecting something special! Good mail for me this week.
Delicious 'Nicey Jane' from Z&S Fabrics - I have a quilt planned for these.
And a copy of Material Obsession by Australian girls Sarah Fielke & Kathy Doughty. This has been on my 'must-have' list for a while and I found it for a bargain here. (Unfortunately, they have put the price up again). The book is every bit as inspiring as I expected from these girls.
I have discovered a nifty site for all you Aussie book lovers out there. It is called Booko and helps track down the least expensive price in Australian dollars for whatever book you fancy. Have a great week, Bloom x
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