Friday 7 March 2008

A question of weed control

One of my three brothers dared me to share what I was doing today, just so that you don't think my life is all roses! Here is a clue:I know all you Aussie farm girls will recognise the scene immediately! Here is a closer view of the task at hand:I have been back to our little farm to assess the Bathurst burr population. Bathurst burr is a common weed on Australian farms, causing contamination of wool & crops. We have had a wet summer, which is wonderful, but with it comes Bathurst burr infestation. When we were kids, Dad paid my brothers & I one dollar an hour to hoe these spiny plants out by hand - we thought we were so 'in the money', potentially able to make $10 a day! This summer, the population is so thick, we resort to chemical means of control, either using a quad bike, or boom spray. So no gardening or stitching today!
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