Tuesday, 26 June 2012

A beach bride

We travelled last weekend to the NSW South Coast for the wedding of the first of our nieces. The wedding had it all really. It was a spectacular South Coast day, perfect for a wedding on the beach.
Everyone ooohed and aaahed over the beautiful bride.
The groom teared up as he professed his undying love,
which of course made all the girls tear up!
There were pretty updos a-plenty,
and gorgeous young bridesmaids.
 The kids got to build sand castles and skip stones on the waves,
and play in the water, even in their best clothes!
Thongs were the preferred footwear.
 And the photographer was in his element as he led beautiful women across the sand!
It was a very memorable wedding, and the love these two have for each other was blindingly evident. A truly lovely day!


  1. What beautiful photos. That must have been a lovely wedding to be at. How happy they look. I wish them well.

  2. Gorgeous wedding, looks like the perfect day.

  3. Just gorgeous. Looks like a lovely day....would've been hard to come home.

  4. Very beautiful wedding! You caught some beautiful details which I'm sure the bride and family will love to see. The weather certainly was perfect too.

  5. Lovely pictures - Has to be 'Greenpatch" know it well as I lived near there for 15 years.

  6. Oh I wish I'd been there. I love beach weddings. Very lovely photos to end a perfect day it seems.

  7. Oh I love a wedding and this one looks perfect!

  8. :D What a wonderful day to share. It made me smile - thanks!

  9. It is a wonderful day having the nice pictures.

  10. Gorgeous photos of a beautiful wedding.


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