Wednesday, 6 June 2012

Daybook entry #13

Outside my window ... it is freezing cold, windy and most significantly - cloudy! No sighting of the transit of Venus for us today. 

From my picture journal ... the lovely Delbard rose, Paris 2000. 
I am thankful for ... my daughter's first full day back at school in five weeks. She has been suffering significant pain from a bowel complaint, and is still not out of the woods, but I think we have turned a corner.

I am feeling ... somehow melancholy, perhaps not helped by the weather, or the following:

I keep watching ... this film clip by Goyte - visually engaging and haunting at once.

I am listening to ... Pink Floyd's 'Wish You Were Here'. Not really a fix for melancholia :) 

My ironing DVD this week was ... 'Romulus, My Father'. Oh my! A beautifully shot Australian film about the unconditional love between a young boy and his father. One of those films I feel privileged to have seen for its beauty, but not sure I could watch again for the anguish! 
Hopefully my next post will be a little more cheery. If you'd like to share how you lift a bad mood, all suggestions will be grudgingly thankfully received!

P.S. Guy Sebastian's 'Like it Like That' just played automatically on my iTunes. Things are already on the up :)


  1. Romulus, my father - great film! Maybe you need a more uplifting one now!

  2. Goodness gracious, time to put on the Lady Gaga and a good romcom followed by a block of chocolate and a good cuppa tea. Exercise (even just a walk) is a huge mood lifter for me. And some sewing if you can manage it. So glad to hear that your girl is feeling a little better, I hope it sorts itself out soonest as you've been living with this for too long.

    1. Kirsty, can you let me know if you receive this message? I am replying to you using Blogger's threaded comments and trying to work out if my reply is sent automatically to your email, or whether you have to revisit the comments section on my blog to see it. Do you get me?

      PS Thoughtful, considered reply to your excellent suggestions for improving my mood has been sent directly to your email :)

  3. Totally agree Ros - I can't get going when it is cold and cloudy - perhaps looking at rose nurseries sites will cheer you up (like I'm doing). Glad Olivia is feeling better. Love Belinda L

  4. Here in the bit of Northern Ontario, we have had weather of sun, rain, thunder and lightning,and fierce winds all in one day....sometimes in an hour package. I'm with you, too cold to think of sewing for me since being on an island, it means making sure that all is secure from any storms.
    Love, love your blog, can't believe you do all the quilting with a sewing machine...fabulous dahlink!

  5. I always appreciate your day book entries :)
    Have never seen that Gotye music video....weird hey.
    ...the school bus driver had my kids singing Guy Sebastians "Like it Like That" into the microphone
    (privilege of the last bus stop)a couple of months ago LOL
    Just thinking, for a 'pick me up' song I was reminded last week when travelling in the car listening to the radio of a scene from "The Holiday" where the English girl wakes up to Amanda's alarm clock with 'Are You Gonna Be My Girl' - hard to be melancholy with that pumped up!


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