Monday, 10 August 2009

Spring is on its way

Our Taiwan flowering cherry (Prunus campanulata) in the garden at the farm is in full bloom right now.
It is the very first of our spring blossoms to burst into the cold late winter air. It is always so special when it comes into flower after the bareness of winter. A really bold statement, & so beautiful against a bright blue sky.
I caught a noisy miner helping himself to the nectar.
These birds are very common in eastern Australia and a bit annoying. They are true to their name, very noisy & bully other birds. You can hear what they sound like here.


  1. As I was taking M to kinder today all the cherry blossoms were in bloom - just beautiful! Like you...cannot stand those miners ;)

  2. The photo of the minor bird in the blossom that you have taken would make A nice post card.Good photography clever girl.
    Hugs Mary.

  3. Bring on the warm weather, the blossoms, the sunshine, the park play dates and, of course, the warm weather. Did I say that twice? Good!!!

  4. All so beautiful - I love the photography!
    Hugs - Lurline♥

  5. Here, in Belgium, it's summer. So it's funny to discover other seasons in other parts of the world. Beautiful pictures.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful.

  7. It's beautiful and my favourite shade of pink. I'm ready for spring.

  8. Wow, that tree is so gorgeous, even with your noisy friend! That picture of him clutching the branch is wonderful. I just came across the link to your journal cover and other tutorials. They're wonderful! I would love to link to them if you didn't mind.

  9. Really lovely photos!
    I would love to visit Australia one day :-)))

  10. I just love the color of those blooms against the blue sky. Would make such great fabric!

  11. Ahhh the promise of more beauty to come!

  12. Oh what a beautiful cherry tree!
    Such a gorgeous colour.
    Our farm orchard is about to burst into blossom this time of year...
    Ah yes Miners...peskys, but what a cute pic you captured!
    Enjoy your garden :D

  13. Little bird's pic is really nice with great scenery. Why don't you use wild animals in postcards.


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    I love these..
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