Sunday, 22 March 2009

Journal covers being stitched up here, there & everywhere

It is very exciting to see some journal covers being made up from my tutorial. It still blows my mind that from my humble little sewing machine in Australia, I can stitch something, blog it & almost immediately see a version made by a stitcher on the other side of the world. BLOWS MY MIND, I say! Here are some of the lovely versions that I have come across:
Poor Jean at Linen & Raspberry was one of the first to 'survive' my tutorial instructions! We exchanged an email or two ironing out some confusion in my instructions, but she has come up with a lovely cover nevertheless! 
Jean has added some gorgeous hand stitching to her cover, and a very cute bloom on the back.
Jannimary has made this stylish duo. Using a striped fabric horizontally instead of vertically looks great.
Fiona at Scraps in Progress really got busy and whipped up several journal covers as gifts. She has used some of her wonderful novelty prints, making the most of the large print designs. 
Jane at Sew Create It has added some gorgeous button detail to her journals. 
And Pia at Pia's Place has added some embroidery & a sweet butterfly.
Well done girls - they all look fantastic. It is so much fun for me to see your interpretations. 


  1. Hmm...I'm going to have to check out your tutorial, Bloom!!! I love trying out new things!!!
    Sure lots of lovely Journal Covers being made!!!
    Cheers! Mary Ann

  2. The internet makes the world so much smaller.

  3. These look great - I might have to try one myself. Got to love blogging!

  4. Oh Ros! What a buzz for you. I've got it tagged but I haven't made one YET! Maybe a wedding journal is on the cards for me. Love all the others made by these lovely ladies.

  5. I love the linen and raspberry version - so pretty! I think I might have to give your tutorial a go too

  6. I love it. I had so much fun making one. Thanks!


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