Friday, 20 March 2009

What was I thinking, Dear Jane?

I made this block a lot harder for myself than it needed to be ... but I think I like it.
This is G5 Poof - yes, that's it's official name! Personally, I wasn't keen on the big white 'poof' that was supposed to dominate this block, so I tinkered with it a little.


  1. My hat goes off to you for making these blocks...I was thinking of doing this project but it's in the too hard basket for now...this one looks lovely and a tad complicated...well done.!!

  2. You may have done it the hard way, but it turned out neat. Is the middle section reverse applique? If so, you have nailed it.

  3. Great job! Now I wish I had done this :)

  4. I really like how you made this block your own. You did a beautiful job and it's very cute!

  5. I just love the fabrics you use for your DJ blocks.


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