Friday, 1 August 2008

Things I LOVE about this bag

1. I LOVE that it is FINISHED!
2. I LOVE that I bought the fabric one day and used it the next.
3. I LOVE that the buckle that I found just the other day at the op-shop is: no longer attached to a hideous plastic vinyl belt; and no longer destined to sit in my cupboard of 'might need it one day' stuff for years.
4. I LOVE the soft, suede-like feel of the moleskin fabric that I used for the main bag body, found amongst remnants at a local furnishing store.
5. I LOVE that I could use a piece of fabric from my stash, which, when I received it in a Fabric Club years ago, was convinced I would never use. It was perfect! (Bottom frill & tab)
6. I especially LOVE that this bag matches perfectly with a woollen coat of my mum's from the '60s. I used to wear this coat when I was at University, & since moving to colder climes, have dug it out again. It is beautifully warm & my all-time favourite coat, right down to the labels inside. 


  1. Wow, it turned out great... The colours are brilliant. Love that you used the buckle - now I will have to keep my eye out (as if I need anymore stuff)

  2. Looks fantastic! the buckle was a great find and perfect for this bag.

  3. Edgey Vintage... Perfect Buckle Thrifting !!! Really Luvin that Moleskin Fabric... @ least you finished #1 for Peg's Challenge ME we won't go there... LOL.

  4. I love your bag!! The colours look fantastic and the buckle is gorgeous...what a find!! Congrats on Peg's challenge as well. Jo x

  5. Look what happens when I don't get back to blogland.... You have posted so much.
    I LOVE this bag. Lovely choice of fabrics and the buckle is just perfect as you say.....
    Such a great versitle bag.

  6. I am not surprised that you love it.

  7. I just received my Frilly Dilly pattern in the mail. I had seen it on your blog and hunted down someone who carried it!! Love the way yours turned out and it looks so great with that coat. Wonderful label!!! I am hoping the purse goes together easy.

  8. It is a pretty bag! No wonder you are so happy with it! And it was so nice to read how you described your joy about it!
    Congratulations on the "Peg's challenge"! How is this saying, "to quilt is human, to finish divine" ? I can't get it together right, but finishing a quilt is always wonderful!
    Have a nice and creative week!

  9. What a great bag and how well it goes with your coat. I love it.

  10. I love your bag The colours are lovely I keep going back and having another look at it.
    Hugs Mary.

  11. Love the bag and that buckle is fabulous.

    Love and hugs gina xxx

  12. Oh I totally love your Frilly Dilly bag and the moleskin sounds fabulous!!
    I got my frilly Dilly bag pattern a couple of days ago and am itching to get sewing on it! perhaps you can check mine out when its finished too. I love to share similar projects as its always interesting to see other peoples versions :0)

  13. Yes, I also love when I buy fabric and then make something from it right away. Oooo, the bag is wonderful. I really like the ruffles. Linda

  14. oh i just love this bag,gorgeous


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