Saturday, 26 July 2008

And something else that happened while we were out of town ...

I returned to find wonderful mail waiting for me! May Britt & I had arranged a little swap recently. In return for sending her a copy of Australian Homespun, I received these lovelies:
While I assured her I would be happy to receive anything, I did suggest that if she could get her hands on anything Tilda, I would be very, very happy! And so she sent, not one, but multiple pre-printed Tilda stitcheries & possibly the cutest little heart buttons in the world! It was as if my birthday had arrived early, I was so excited. Thank you so much May Britt - I will swap with you anytime!
And the lovely Amanda Brooke also sent me a pattern which I won in her recent giveaway. 
The pattern is newly released by Amanda and is a gorgeous embroidery folder. I especially like the verse she has chosen: 'My garden's alive with butterfly wings, and under the vines the bluebirds sing'.
So no shortage of things to keep me busy this weekend!
ps. Does anyone know of an Australian stockist for Tilda? 


  1. OH what nice gifts to get you are so lucky Sorry I cant help you eith your Tilda I dont know who stocks it.
    Hugs Mary.

  2. How Gorgeous are those stitcheries & buttons, I too am a fan of Tilda, also love your new folder, very pretty....congrats on your win.
    happy stitching

  3. I agree with the buttons being cute, I have never seen anything like that before.

  4. OOh those buttons are just too gorgeous, look forward to see if you add these to the lovely stitcheries from May Britt - or whether you have another special project in mind to use the buttons. Beautiful gifts - enjoy. Hugs Jx

  5. Lucky you! I also love Tilda - her designs are so sweet. Have fun with your gifts.

  6. Mrs Martin's Quilt Shop has the Christmas Tlda book- Sew Pretty Christmas Homestyles -I saw it on a recent posting on her blog for July 21, so she may have others as well


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