Thursday, 24 July 2008

Awww, look what happened while we were out of town

While we were back at the farm in the holidays, we missed seeing the beautiful snow that fell in town (two hours away).This is a reasonably unusual occurrence, and we missed it! Thankfully, a friend took some photos. The school oval (below) was blanketed - anyone for cricket? So to this day, I have still to see the elusive white stuff!


  1. WOW the snow looks Gorgeous...I haven't seen snow for ages,pity you missed it.

  2. How Gorgeous I love the snow Coming from Scotland I miss it It is very cold Thanks for sharing your photos Makes me home Sick.
    Hugs Mary.

  3. It does look lovely but I would want to be in by the fire/heater looking out. That would be lovely snow for me.

  4. Have you never seen snow? Doesn´t it snow in your part of the world during winter?

  5. Dear Ros, I haven't visited your blog lately, sorry, the snow looks wonderful and it is so long as you don't have to live with it for long. Hope all the family are well and that you are keeping yourself busy,LOL. Love Dale

  6. How wonderful it looks and how strange, while we sit here at home in the Netherlands, finally enjoying the sun, which didn't show itself for a long long time.
    Have a wonderful day! Simone

  7. oh wow, we didn't even get snow yet in Ballarat. It must be cold up there. I am hoping for some this year but time is running out. It looks so beautiful.

  8. Well, live and learn--it snows in Australia


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