Saturday, 26 July 2008

Kid's art on a cold Saturday afternoon

I have discovered a wonderful children's art blog, Art Projects for Kids, which has the best 'art for artistically challenged parents' instructions! In a new family initiative, (otherwise known as 'mum is feeling guilty that she isn't spending enough quality time with the children' syndrome), I have decided to use this art blog as inspiration on a weekend to spend some creative time with my three munchkins. Today was our inaugural effort. We started off with something simple, using instructions for 'Rousseau Tiger Drawing'. There was much talk along the lines of 'mine is hopeless' ... 'yours is so much better' ... 'this looks weird' ... 'yuck, pass me the eraser quick' etc etc. Followed by philosophical discussion about how there is no one right or perfect way when it comes to art & it's interpretation! Here are the results of a very fun afternoon (& much debating over creative names for each picture):

'Raining Leaves in a Pink Sky'
by Littlest Blossie, age 7

'Jungle Nightscape'
by Boy in the Middle, age 9

'Blue Eyes in the Bushes'
by Eldest Blossie, age 12


  1. Your Munchkins have obviously inherited your artistic talent, all three pictures are excellent, very bold for ones so young.

  2. Great pictures very colourful well done to the Munchkins.

  3. Tell your little artists, all three of them, that these pictures are great.

  4. I LOVE all of the pictures! Sincerely, they are really, really good. And so neatly colored. Thanks for sharing them!

  5. Beautiful job kids. You fooled me!! I thought they were professionally printed cards you bought. Great job. Now what's for next weekend?

  6. What a lovely idea!! Pat on the back for being such a good Mum and now you deserve some stitching "Me" time!!! Cathyxx

  7. We welcome all children artists to share their art in the kids galleries at

    Artfully yours,



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