Wednesday, 9 April 2008

In another life ...

We are gradually getting pictures up in the new house. I was pleased to find these again amongst the boxes:I stitched these many moons ago, before children, when I could concentrate for more than 5 minutes at a time without interruption! They are tiny samplers, with cross stitch, drawn thread work & all sorts of interesting stitches. I remember enjoying doing these immensely. No more cross stitch for me these days!


  1. Hello Ros - it's here!!!! My gorgeous giveaway gift arrived today and it is so beautiful. I will be putting pics on my blog tomorrow. Thank you so much; can't tell you how much it has made my day to have such a pretty present xx

  2. Hi Ros - they are just beautiful. I remember them on your wall at home. I'm sure you'll really enjoy having them up again. Best wishes. Leanne.

  3. They look so pretty all together on the wall... You're such a clever lady!!


  4. These tiny samplers, with cross stitch, drawn thread work & all was lovley. I like cross stiching my self.


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