Thursday, 10 April 2008

Dear Baby Jane catch up

A busy last week of school for the kids here, with projects due, camps to go to, athletics carnival to compete in etc etc. Bring on the holidays! I have been determined amongst the busyness of this week to find a little bit of time to catch up with my Dear Jane blocks:
B3 Mirror Image - yikes, curved piecing. I had never tried this before. I was surprised how easily this came together. This opens up a whole new world of quilt pattern possibilities as I have always steered clear of curved piecing in the past - that's all I need, another distraction!
K7 Rose of Sharing - I have been wanting to use these fabrics for ages.
M10 Simple Simon - and indeed he was!
D3 Jason's Jacks - hmmm, slowly getting better at needleturn applique.
A7 Dad's Plaids - did this one twice. Had trouble getting all the little petals the same size & the distance from the centre join - conquered it in the end!
B1 Bachelor Buttons - more reverse applique. Another first for me. I am really enjoying learning new techniques without wasting too much fabric if I muck it up! So there we go - all caught up with the group ... until tomorrow!


  1. I love how you used two fabrics for K-7, I'd never have thought to do that! Your blocks are beautiful!

  2. Lovely! I wouldn't have a clue but you have inspired me to give quilting a go xx

  3. Your blocks are so perfect! Beautiful.

  4. Your blocks are beautiful, but block K7 is the nicest!
    Kind rgards

    Beertje Zonn

  5. Well done - your blocks are lovely - for me probably the nicest fabric choices. Your applique is sensational - can hardly believe you are just learning those techniques! I understand why you would have been keen to use the fabrics in K7 - just lovely! Which range were they from? Congratulations - your quilt is going to look beautiful.
    Kind regards - Dawn

  6. Great job catching up on the DJ, they are so well done.

  7. Well done, they all look fantastic, I've yet to conquer the curves, I have only just started my Dear Jane.
    Quilty hugs,

  8. Ros, they are all sooooo beautiful. Certainly doesn't appear you had any dramas with them. Looks like they are a breeze for you???? Can't wait to see more.

  9. Bloom, Bloom, Bloom, just stunning...oh I wish I could do needleturn talented little thing you....looking forward to the first weekend in May.

  10. They all look so BEAUTIFUL!!!! You're doing such an amazing job..

    Jodie ;)

  11. Happy Holidays!!! You have made it to the end of a long Term 1. Hope that the holidays will be a time for you all to rest and enjoy your new home (and sew). I have great plans to finish some sewing projects but we will just wait and see if that happens. Please say a big hello to daughter number 1. Lots of Love, Meredith

  12. Love your A7 block. I love Dear Jane Quilts - perhaps one day...

  13. Your new blocks are wonderful. They look so perfect. Keep stitching...

  14. Your blocks are coming together beautifully, are you machine or hand pieceing?
    Since you are all caught up you should enter the competition that Anina is running.


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