Sunday, 6 April 2008

Wait for me, wait for meeee!

Playing catch up with my Dear Jane blocks, having signed up when the group was 8 blocks ahead. Here are the latest ones:
D13 - Field of dreams, a nice easy one A6 - Uncle Homer, even easier
B4 - Chris' Soccer Field. I was a bit scared of this one, having foundation-pieced only once and a long time ago, but I was very encouraged with how well this came together. Instead of using paper as the foundation, I traced the outline onto very lightweight, non-woven interfacing. This avoids pulling the foundation away later.
A7 - Dad's Plaids is causing me some angst, but I will conquer it yet!


  1. Your blocks look great. I would love to sign up for a dear jane quilt but I think I have too much on the go at the moment.Happy catching up

  2. You're almost there and your blocks are lovely! Don't be scared of A7. It'll be fun, you'll see. :-)

  3. Oh your blocks are really lovely. Your colors are so inviting, I can't wait to see more. Your doing great catching up. Dad's Plaids was my toughest yet. Getting all the things to line up is really hard on that one for some reason...but you'll get it. Love Stacy

  4. What a gorgeous idea... I so want to join in!!! Your blocks are looking great..

    Jodie ;)

  5. Oh it sounds difficult to me! can't wait to see the end result though xx

  6. I just love these blocks. I am just learning to quilt. I could never ever imagine doing a quilt like this. Maybe one day!

  7. Hello! I am inloved with your blog and every one of your works!
    Sorry, but my English is not very good!


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