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Thursday, 13 December 2007

School is out ... almost

Three teacher presents, done and dusted! Decided to keep things simple (for once!) and make them identical. I love how the 'Dick & Jane' fabrics have worked for these. Also really love the dotty Faber-Castell pencils. The inspiration for the pencil rolls is entirely from Pink Chalk Studio. My children are a little uncertain about giving their teachers coloured pencils as a gift, but I have pulled rank (a mother's privilege!) and hope they will be well received. They will be delivered on the last day of school tomorrow. I am busy completing my Club Quilt gift for our Christmas Party tonight. Not at all happy with how it is progressing. You know how you have a picture in your head of how you want something, but can't seem to translate it to fabric? Have to push on with it now though as I'm out of time. I will post about it later tonight, after the big event!


  1. Those rolls have turned out just gorgeous!!! I'm sure that the teachers will just adore them... I've never seen those spotty pencils before, they're gorgeous!!!! Looking forward to see what you come up with for your quilt club gift.


  2. I'm sure the teachers will be thrilled to receive these rolls.

  3. Just Beautiful Ros. Great idea for teachers, I'm sure they would appreciate them more then kids would.

  4. They are really lovely, with the text-fabric and all the colours! It’s a great pattern!

  5. Your fabric choices are perfect for these pencil rolls! Charming as well as useful...a winning combination.

  6. Hello, I am one of the teachers who received one of the absolutely beautiful pencil rolls. I was completely amazed at the way every pencil matched exactly with the fabric!!! I will always treasure this gift. The text on the fabric brought back memories of learning to read. Thank you Thank you Thank you. Your family will always be close to my heart. Love From MM

  7. I found your post by a link that was shared on a message board about pencil rolls... and I just love the ones you made!

    do you have an etsy store to sell them on? I'd be currious as to how much you'd charge to make a pencil roll for my 4 year old daughter... this would take up hardly no room at all in my diaper bag/purse to have handy while waiting in a resturant...

    contact me at thanks! and Merry Christmas!


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