Wednesday, 26 December 2007

Making Christmas memories

One of the most special things about our family Christmas is receiving gifts from my children. A few years ago, we came up with a means of helping our kids to think about giving as well as receiving at Christmas time. They each have $5 to spend on each of the other members of our immediate family and are encouraged to make a handmade gift for everyone. These are my wonderful gifts from my children this year, all of which they bought & made without my knowledge:My littlest blossie (age 6) made me this handmade box, painted gold, filled with sand & planted with artificial hibiscus! She also drew me a picture with lift up flaps, beneath which were more drawings of special things. Her $5 was spent on a length of very beautiful ribbon & a paper punch. The youngest man in my life (age 9) busily set about making me some origami animals & flowers. He has picked up on my fetish for ric rac and also bought me a very cute Christmas tree stamp. Biggest blossie (age 12) presented me with homemade rum balls (one of my Christmas favourites) in a handmade box, and a Donna Hay magazine for holiday reading. I love that they have each been so thoughtful about their gifts, and know exactly the things that make me happy! They are so precious.


  1. Gifts like those are truly so very special.
    Good choice of magazine, Donna Hay books are great.

  2. Such great gifts from your children. It is so important to learn that's the thought that counts not the value of the gift. And homemade presents are the best to receive from children.

    A merry christmas and a happy new year to you.

  3. Bloom that is just so nice....beautiful gifts....from real treasures.....makes you feel all warm and fuzzy....

  4. tes enfants t'ont bien gâtée tu es la plus heureuse des mamans bravo a tous les 3. et Bonne année 2008. bisous. mamina

  5. Presents like these that are made with love are so valuable.

  6. What a beautiful idea and such thoughtful gifts from your beautiful children.
    Sorry to hear your leaving your little town for a slightly bigger town. Will catch up there I'm sure.
    Happy New Year Love Fiona xx


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