Monday, 24 December 2007

'Hark the herald, angels sing ... glory to the new born King'

My best wishes for a wonderful & joyous Christmas to each and every one of you as we celebrate the birth of Jesus. Thank you for the most amazingly warm welcome you have all given me to blogland. I feel truly blessed by these new friendships. The last few days have seen some life-changing decisions made in my household, which have meant all of my Christmas preparations have gone awry. But amongst the chaos, this arrived today from a lovely, generous member of our extended family. So I at least have a centrepiece for our family's Christmas table tomorrow! It is just the sweetest idea - a tree made entirely from tiny parcels of jaffa lollies, Freddo frogs & candy canes! Won't this be a hit with the kids? And with others of us who remain 'young at heart'! Happy Christmas everyone.


  1. Merry Christmas Ros to you and your family, so glad you have joined us all in blogland, I love reading you blog.
    Take care and enjoy all of those yummy lollies,
    Love Kerry

  2. Merry Christmas to you and may 2008 bring you a happy year.

  3. HI Ros hope xmas was okay for you.....take care and thinking of you........hope everything is ok....and am so pleased I have met you.......

  4. Dear Bloom
    I hope your life-changing decision is a good one.
    I had a go at making your biscuits but I am not a good choc melter !!!!


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