Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Thank you!

To all the lovely women in blogland who have welcomed me so warmly, a heartfelt thankyou. I am astonished with the concept that I can be sitting in Australia, you in Iceland or the Netherlands or the USA etc, & we can be chatting away about roses. I love that! And a big thank you to Chookyblue who pointed so many of you to my blog. The rose is Benjamin Britten (by David Austin) taken in my garden this morning.


  1. Welcome to the wonderful word of blogging!!! I am new myself (having started in August) and am quite addicted. Love your photos and I look forward to visiting again!

  2. OMG .....am i going to be able to keep up with you..........I go to work for one day and there are 2 more posts...........beautiful rose...and quilt.....and it is pleasure to well a new blogger......also the pop up worked....now do you have a stat thingy...

  3. Welcome Bloom, how fantastic, love your header.....this blogland is so much fun.....


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