Thursday, 12 September 2013

A living treasure

We took some time out from what seems to have been the busiest school term ever to wander with some lovely friends in their garden on Sunday.


Sometimes it seems God smiles upon me and gifts me with a moment of perfect light for taking photographs.

Late Sunday afternoon was such a time,
our friends' garden basked in a warm glow.

Our friends bought their property about five years ago from an elderly couple who were obviously avid gardeners and serious plant collectors.

Their garden is a real treasure! With each season, new delights emerge in wondrous succession.

 There are so many plants in this garden that are unfamiliar to me. I love the challenge of working out what they are, seeking clues from unfurling buds, or new leaves. 

As Australian gardens burst into springtime bloom, our friends' garden is spectacular.


There are sweet surprises waiting at every turn!

The daffodils form a veritable sea in every shade of gold.

There are countless different varieties, 

some with peachy pink, frilly trumpets ...


... others with simple, electric orange centres ...

... and around another corner, these sparky Pheasant Eye beauties!

The resident Crimson Rosellas kept a cheeky eye on us as we wandered the garden. 


 No doubt they will have their way with the fruit trees at a later date. For now, the orchard is in glorious bloom.



The magnolias were magnificent,

especially bathed in the warm, afternoon sun.

Both the pink and white varieties of Magnolia stellata were true to form,

shooting starbursts from bare branches.

 Now if you happen to have made it to the end of this rather epic post and like a horticultural mystery, try this one on:

This unusual specimen sits quietly in one corner of the garden. It has the  most wonderful cream and green mottled stem.

And the leaves have really interesting white markings. Hmmm, intriguing! Clues anyone?

I will no doubt coerce my friends into sharing this special garden with me again soon! A very lovely way to spend a Sunday afternoon :) 


  1. Such a delight to see your beautiful photos this dreary and rainy morning in Wyoming as Fall slowly creeps down the mountain.

  2. Thank you for sharing your delightful photos of God's beauty.

  3. Oh Ros, your photographs are stunning! Each time I read one of your gardening posts I realise how much joy a garden gives. I think I will don the gloves and head out in mine this weekend.

  4. so many beautiful blooms......thanks for sharing............sorry can't help with the last pic......

  5. What a beautiful garden to visit and such gorgeous photos. Can't help with the mystery plant though - please let us know if you find out its name.

  6. Beautiful photos....absolutely stunning!

  7. A totally delightful way to spend Sunday afternoon - you are so right about the wonderful light and you have used it to full advantage. Gorgeous photos and blooms all round. I don't know your mystery plant but dare say my mother would - but she has no computer to look. I hope you have the opportunity again soon as spring gives way to summer.

  8. Stunning photos! They're just perfect for the title of your blog! ;-D

  9. Love the birds and recognize quite of few of my garden in inhabitants there. My plain crab apple is a bit slow to flower as it was somewhat butchered...oops accidentally pruned this year.

  10. Wonderful spring flowers! So fresh and elegant!


  11. Gorgeous shots - the light is just magnificent. I don't know what that final, mystery plant is - it looks like two completely different species spliced together! Have you been experimenting....?
    I miss the blossoming fruit trees - not many up here given our lack of frost. Had a quick weekend trip to Tassie and loved seeing all the blossoms about. Of course we get our own spring beauties up here, but I do miss the fruit trees.

  12. wow what a beautiful garden and your photography is amazing! your friend needs the people to come back and take her around the garden with a camera so she can put a name to some of those plants.what a treasure trove.....just beautiful

  13. Wow!
    Very breathtaking images for a really precious treasure!

  14. Finally sitting down in blogland for a quick visit. The blooms are just gorgeous.
    The light is just so lovely. I am always amazed at how personal God is with us and
    how at times he graciously gifts us with things that encourage our heart.
    Hope you get some time again in this gorgeous garden soon :)


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