Tuesday, 27 August 2013

A flannel quilt for me

I took my newest quilt and my two youngest offspring to the Botanic Gardens on the weekend. I required said children for this shot:

Children are crouched behind the quilt, one grasping each corner, giggling maniacally about what I'd do if they were to let go. Hmmm ...

The quilt is made predominantly from cuddly Anna Maria Horner flannels and I've made it up in a similar way to my raw-edge layer cake quilt.

The task of clipping all those raw edges was made ever so much easier with the purchase of some Fiskars Easy Action Micro-Tip scissors.  According to my Sweetness, they are also very good for clipping fingernails. Hmmm ...

I didn't have quite enough fabric, so I've thrown in an occasional nine-patch to use up the smaller pieces.

The Baby Girl was quite happy to swan about the gardens, quilt draped about her shoulders for the sake of an artistic shot.

The Boy's preferred pose was this: 
"How's this Mum? Is this helpful?" Hmmm ...

An unkind mother might say I've captured him at his best!


  1. Love your quilt..... and how kind of your off-spring to help..... ;)

  2. I think the flannel lends itself so well to those soft raw edges. And great idea with nine patches to spread that fabric just a little bit further. So glad the kids didn't drop it!

  3. You're hysterical! How fun to have your helpers take pictures of your oh-so-pretty new quilt. I can just imagine them crouching behind it -- too funny! And I love that you threw the extra nine-patches in -- perfect!

  4. Just gorgeous quilt Ros. Enjoy!
    Always so lovely when the kids 'help' :)

  5. What a beautiful snugly quilt. I love the quality of that range of flannel...hmmm..I think some of those prints are familiar! Loved the bot garden shots!

  6. I was more worried about what the eels in that lake would do to your lovely quilt if dropped!

  7. What a beautiful Quilt!
    Greetings, RW & SK


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