Sunday, 31 March 2013

Easter weekend at Bloom's place

A very Happy Easter to you! I hope that you are finding some time amidst the holiday celebration to wind down and relax. For our family, it is also a time to give thanks for Jesus and His unparalleled sacrifice and offer of forgiveness for humanity.

Sent of heaven God's own Son
 To purchase and redeem
 And reconcile the very ones
 Who nailed Him to that tree

Hillsong have released a new song for Easter this year. I am posting the song with the words - a sort of karaoke hymnal! - so you can sing away to your heart's content if you wish :)

Otherwise, our Easter weekend has been filled with lots of gardening ...

... and too many of these!

My boys have contented themselves with indulgent doses of Need for Speed.

Grandma is happy so long as she has a cup of tea and Wordwarp!


Although she and I have also spent an inordinate amount of time working on the 'random' placement of these blocks! This will be a flannel shaggy quilt for winter from mostly Anna Maria Horner fabrics. It will be scrumptious if we can ever conquer 'random'!

The youngest two have spent most of the weekend in their tree house. They have transformed it from its former 'three-doors-up-a-tree' look, to a more sophisticated model with a blackboard panel, and a purple feature wall. They are very impressed with their renovation skills.

Poor Miss 17 is very out of sorts with an assessment English speech hanging over her head. It must be going badly as she recently emerged from her room muttering, "Quite frankly, I'd rather be doing Maths"!

Enjoy what's left of the Easter weekend. I'm off to pull some more weeds. Bloom x


  1. Loved seeing what your family is up too. I'm getting out into the garden sometime too. Loved your path...what is it made from?

  2. Thanks for posting the song, we're just waking up on Easter Sunday in the UK so great song to start the day! Love the quilt you're planning.

  3. Happy Easter! Sounds like a very nice weekend. Had to laugh about your daughter's reaction to The Great Gatsby. My daughter, who LOVES reading and has met very few books she didn't like, felt the same way about it a few months ago. Then she spent some time with Walden and Gatsby started looking pretty good.

  4. "Random" is not in my comfort zone either! Happy Easter.

  5. Happy Easter to you too Ros, can't wait to see your "random" quilt :)

  6. Sounds like you had a lovely Easter. All the pics of the boys and their feet are really cute! Good luck with the random quilt. It's funny how hard it is to make something look like it wasn't done intentionally!

  7. Random always makes me chuckle. I spend a lot of time making fabrics look random too.
    We had Easter assignments for both kids this weekend. One of them had 3 assignments and the other two (one which she forgot about until about 12 noon on Monday!!!! She didn't finish it. Sometimes I think the teachers want to torture us poor parents. My kids rarely work in their rooms either (except for my son when he's studying Maths). So it means papers all over the house and much moaning and groaning.


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