Monday, 25 March 2013

Dahlias and a discount

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My daughter and I walked into our local supermarket the other day to be greeted by this happy scene:

The local dahlia society had set up a cheerful display of the most perfect blooms.

I was quickly informed by the enthusiastic growers, that these blooms were mere understudies to the main performance at their Annual Show which was to be held the following weekend. 

Surely they were not telling me the truth. Could this really be the reserve list selection?!

I received a thorough lesson on dahlia types, earnestly taught by an older lady whose passion for her blooms was evident by the sparkle in her eye as she spoke. 

She spoke of pom-pom, and peony ...

... anemone, and cactus forms. Who knew?!

The blooms varied in size from tiny sweet things, 
barely a half inch across ...

... to monster heads, wider than my handspan.

My teacher was evangelical in her horticultural enthusiasm, and I felt like gently patting her arm and assuring her, "It's OK, I get it ... I know the passion"!

But it was the perfect form of these flowers that left me gobsmacked. And while enormous credit goes to the growers, they are, for me, evidence of the creation of a higher being!

Have a blooming lovely week.


  1. The flowers are stunning... Thanks for sharing with us still wrapped up in snow.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this entry! Its been a long time since I heard the word "gobsmacked"! Its heartwarming to me to think that in some small way, my need to create is shared by my Creator's. Thank you for the smile.

  3. Perfect, and such beautiful colours. She should have realised she was preaching to the converted!

  4. They are magnificent - always make me think of my Dad.

  5. Amen. Stunning grown and created. My mum grew many dahlias while I was growing up but I appreciate them more now from a photographic point of view.

  6. so lovely and such lovely colours too!

  7. I got to see the begonias in the begonia house last weekend at Muchatie Park..........they were equally amazing.......

  8. What a beautiful display :) Looks like Spring

  9. They are SO beautiful! I am glad she got to share her passion with you, someone who understands :)

  10. I saw these flowers the other day and they were lovely. You know Ros, we have dahlias in our garden in full bloom - you're more than welcome to come and have a look and take some home if you like :)

  11. Dahlias are such happy looking flowers! Reminds me of when I was little and my nana would take Mum, my sister & I to the "Eaglehawk Dahlia and Arts Festival" to see the parade and the flowers.


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