Monday, 28 May 2012

'Aster Manor' pillow workshop

There is not much fun to blog about just at the moment. We are into the fifth week off school for my sick daughter. Thanks to my Mum visiting, I did get a day out of the house last week to teach a workshop at Marally Craft. We had a great day stitching up versions of my 'Aster Manor' pillow.
Judy made up an elegant version in French red and taupe using Rouenneries Deux fabrics. Judy did a fabulous job considering her limited experience with a rotary cutter.
As it happened, there were two Jackies in the class. Jackie #1 tested out her brand spanking new Bernina by whipping up her pillow in Aster Manor by 3 Sisters. She found perfectly matching buttons and discovered the magic of the #10 Bernina edgestitch foot!
Jackie #2 chose the always fresh combination of blue and cream for her version. Again, her choice of buttons was lovely!
Wendy survived my first workshop and bravely returned for my second :) The fabrics for her pillow were chosen to match her recently upholstered bedhead - a sublime combination of soft blues in Bunny Hill's Oooh La La range.
Deidre planned her pillow specifically as a gift for a friend's golden wedding anniversary. It was a beautifully subtle combination of cream fabrics with gold accents. A very thoughtful gift which I'm sure will be happily received.
Thank you girls for a great day of stitching and chatting. It was a much needed break from the worry of nursing a sick child. If you'd like to make up your own version of this pillow, you can find the free tutorial over at Moda Bakeshop.


  1. Ros sorry to hear that your daughter is still unwell. She must be so 'over' it by now. Hope that things right themselves soon. And your pillows are beautiful!

  2. oh I hope the little Miss is better very soon........that's a long time........

    glad your Mum came to visit.......say Hi to her........

    the pillow from the class are beautiful.........

  3. The pillows are beautiful Bloom, but so sorry to hear of your sick girl. Big hugs to help get through it all.

  4. Sorry to hear that your little blossie is still sick
    :( ...the cushions are all so different and so lovely. Glad you could get a little time out.

  5. Hello gorgeous....I hope your little Miss is feeling better soon....I am so dissappointed that I had to work and missed this fun day.... I have made this pillow for a swap last year but could have done with one for myself...*Grin* Glad you girls had a lovely day...x

  6. Oooo so lovely Ros. Everyone's fabrics are beautiful.

  7. Those pillow slips look really classy and beautiful, I like the pale blue and red colors. I can totally see that design being used for table mats, which I can make out of scraps of old clothing.
    I recently took some denim granny squares which I had cut from some old jeans and used them to cover worn out dining room chair cushions. I sewed some old winter check shirt grannies on to the denim covers to break the monotony. It really turned out cute and kind of shabby chic'ish.
    Out of old jeans I've also made a pouch for my Tracfone smart phone LG500G smart phone so that the touch screen won't scratch or shatter. I took some old check shirt and cut a giraffe motif out of it and sewed it on my denim pouch.
    I love the challenge of making something beautiful or useful out of scrap clothing.

  8. The pillows all look so beautiful I am dying to have a go myself. So very pretty.
    I do hope your daughter starts to feel better soon, you must be worried sick by now.

  9. Love the cushion! Are honeybun strips 1.5 inches wide? I have downloaded the free pattern from the Moda website and cant wait to get started but none of our Patchwork Shops in the lower end of the South Island of NZ sell Honeybuns and I cant find anywhere how wide they are. I hope your daughter is feeling a bit better as it is not only stressful for them but for the whole family as well.

  10. Love your pillow covers!!!

  11. Thank you so much for this post. I want to let you know that I posted a link to your blog in Creative Busy Bee Craft Inspirations, under the Page 4 post on Aug. 12, 2012. Thanks again.


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