Sunday 13 November 2011

Turning can'ts into cans

I have been asked by the lovely girls at Marally Craft in Orange to teach a workshop. Yep, quietly terrified about that prospect, but I've stepped out of my comfort zone and accepted!
The workshop is on this Thursday 17th November. If you are nearby and would like to bear testament as to how terrified Bloom can be join us, please contact Marally Craft on 
ph: 02 6362 3860 or email:
I have put together a slideshow of some of your versions of my 'Beyond Measure' patterns to inspire the girls who are coming to the workshop. I thought you might enjoy it too.
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My thanks to all the lovely women who have purchased my patterns and made them up. And to these ladies in particular for the use of their photographs:
Tilly, a friend of Josie @ Dilly Dimple

And because I know you'll ask about the stunning Australian designed fabrics used by Jess, the 'Mikko' fabric is by Surface Art, available here,
and Saffron Craig's designs are available here.

Think of me on Thursday! Despite the fear, I am really looking forward to it and know it will be lots of fun :)


  1. Good luck! The class will LOVE making this pattern! WIsh I was a bit closer- I'd be there!

  2. I Love this Pattern and the Ladies will Enjoy making it too I'm sure..
    You won't need Luck You will do Great!
    Enjoy Your Day.

  3. amazing are will be awesome...If you said no I would have come over there and 'dong' you.....where do you get your linen now Ros, I have not been able to get any since it was dis-continued at Material World...have fun, you are an inspiration....

  4. If I was closer, I'd be there too!

  5. Just be yourself, smile lots and you will be fine - chances are your pupils will also be a bit nervous!

  6. Sending good wishes your way! For me, once I work through the nerves of those first few moments, I begin to relax and become more myself. :) You'll be great!

  7. I'm so excited that you're using my photos! It's a great pattern and I loved making it - good luck with the class.

  8. If I lived close I would LOVE to be there!!! sounds like a lot of fun!
    good luck!!!

  9. have fun in your class..........I know someone who will be there and they are very excited to be finally meeting you and doing your class...........

  10. Hi Ros....I will be there on Thursday and am looking forward to meeting you....I have followed your blog for quite a while but didn't realise that you lived in Orange until Alison at Marally told me.....What a small world we live in....See you Thursday and don't worry I am sure you will be fine.....PS i am yhe one that Chooky is referring too....

  11. I would go too if i lived closer, and hey its a sewing class that everyone wants to come to and have fun so dont worry! I'm sure it will be fab!

  12. Hope your class goes well, I'm sure it will. Especially with your beautiful projects. Thanks so much for showing my picture, it was a delight to make and you made my day! Tilly


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