Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Summer's Blush - a new layer cake PDF quilt pattern

My quilt that I have been making from Fig Tree's 'Strawberry Fields' range is finally bound and ready for snuggling under.

The weather has been dismally wet, and it has been tricky getting some good photos.

This quilt is the largest I've made, and fits our queen bed. After years of procrastinating over a quilt for our bed, I've finally produced the goods! And I am really happy with it. I love this Fig Tree line.

I pieced the backing since I had insufficient meterage of any fabric to back it in one. I pulled together all sorts fabric bits and joined them in strips.  

I love how the back has come together, and it fortuitously makes the quilt virtually reversible!

I have called the quilt 'Summer's Blush'. The soft colours of the 'Strawberry Fields' fabrics reminds me of late summer, of freshly picked, warm strawberries, and full blown roses, faded to blush in a hot Australian sun.

I have written up a pattern for the quilt which is now available as a PDF download in the shop.

Pattern details

The quilt is constructed from a layer cake plus yardage for the sashings and borders. The layer cake was purchased from Jane at Want It, Need It, Quilt It. I have used a linen/cotton blend fabric for the nine-patch elements. 

Quilt size: 93” x 93” (236cm x 236cm) 
Block size: 16” finished

The pattern includes: 
List of fabric requirements 
Detailed cutting, layout and assembly instructions and diagrams 
Helpful tips throughout 
Binding instructions

The pattern is an 11-page 2.3MB downloadable and printable PDF document. There are more details available in the shop listing.

As a little pre-Christmas thank you to each of you who read my blog and leave universally encouraging comments, all patterns in my shop will be discounted to AU$7.00 for three days.

Pattern prices in the shop will return to AU$8.50 per pattern at 11pm AEST on Saturday 3rd of December.

I'm off to snuggle :)


  1. I just love this quilt...those are the colors we should all decorate and live with! Beautiful!

  2. What a beautiful quilt! It looks like it makes splendid use of a layer cake!

  3. It's beautiful. The colours in it are gorgeous.

  4. Buying it!!! I have a couple of wedding quilts to make this year and I think this would be FABULOUS!
    Might have to send this one to be quilted though, that is BIG!

  5. Not so sure what the U.S. cost was of this, hopefully near the $7. ;)

  6. Agree with everyone else - colours and pattern work together beautifully. A treasure to be proud of.

  7. Your quilt is just beautiful both the pattern and the fabric collection. Very nice work!

  8. Its come out beautifully - at least it is not stinking hot and you can snuggle under it!!
    See you soon.


  9. Ooh very pretty, I love it!!

  10. Hi! Greetings from Finland! Your quilts are so fantastic! It's so nice to find other quilters all around the world!
    Yours, Ulla

  11. Just gorgeous. Enjoy!! Best wishes and blessings for the school holidays. :)

  12. I'm lost in admiration! So sweet a quilt!! I love it!


  13. It's beautiful, I love the design.

  14. Just to let you know, I love your pattern, have bought it and blogged about getting started on it today. I have included a link back to this post in mine. Thank you.

  15. I absolutely LOVE this quilt! It makes me feel happy and content just to look at it and I must make one for myself!

  16. I loved this, bought the pattern, and am making this for my daughter's friend. I even used the same really is a "happy" pattern!


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