Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Paper Kites and rain ... so much rain

My find for this week is a gorgeous song called 'Bloom' (!) by The Paper Kites, an up-and-coming Indie band out of Melbourne.

If you enjoyed that one, then try 'Featherstone' - sweet film clip; watch it to the end!

And if you love them as much as I do, both songs are able to be downloaded free from this page @ Triple J Unearthed.

This music is soothing my mood today. Easy, sweet, comforting and a tad melancholy. The rain clouds are building again outside, casting a grey impending gloom. We have had SO MUCH rain. The crops are a disaster. Trying not to think about it. 

My roses have been blown to the ground in the wind and rain, so I have been collecting them up, trimming the spent blooms and coercing the buds to open. These are the lovely David Austin, 'Strawberry Hill'. 
I am pattern writing today and hope to be back later today with photos of my 'Strawberry Fields' quilt and a shop update. 
Bloom x


  1. It always seems to rain the moment all the flowers bloom. Your roses are lovely.

  2. There has been so much rain of late. A blessing and a curse if there is flooding involved!

  3. It makes my heart sink to think about all the work that goes into growing a crop, the anticipation that builds when the crop is looking so well, and then the disappointment that comes when the crop is destroyed at the 11th hour. The stamina that is needed to stay farming. Yes, best you don't think about it.

  4. Nature can be a cruel friend some times. Sorry to hear the climate has been unhelpful. The music is a good distraction. The first one had me at banjo - the second reminds me of Peter Pan's lost boys meet Where the Wild Things Are.

  5. oh my gosh I love the music! going into my 'quiet' list with Mindy Gledhill and Lisa Hannigan to name a few :)


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