Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Mum? M-u-u-u-u-m?!

On my last trip home, I nagged and nagged my mother to finally finish her basket wallhanging.
Always one to please, she obliged me :)
 The pattern is called 'Basket Quilt and Pillows #57' by Bareroots. There are some better photos in a previous post. 
Poor Mum - the nagging is over! 
When this little quilt was finished, she quietly reminded me that she started stitching it at Dad's hospital bedside in his last days at Royal Prince Alfred. Hmmm ... I was suitably humbled. I will hitherto try to stop hassling my mother about her UFOs. And perhaps focus on mine?


  1. What a beautiful wallhanging. I can see where you talent comes from. I love Bareroots patterns and have made a few of her wallhangings - so many lovely details in the designs.

  2. :) On the one hand, and appropriately, humbling. . . yet. . . having some ghosts like this of my own, perhaps the painfulness of the nagging also provided some catharsis that otherwise would be too painful to trudge through.

    It's a pretty wallhanging.

  3. I am sure your mum is pleased to have finished nonetheless. It looks charming and if she really hadn't wanted to do it she would have reminded you earlier of the memories for her. Maybe she has got to a better place by doing this!?

  4. You tell your mum that it is most beautiful!

  5. I agree with Nicky- maybe in finishing this, it has helped her in some way! It was probably bitter-sweet but beautiful whichever way you look at it! It will forever be a reminder of your loving Dad.

  6. Beautiful wall hanging! Your Mum did a great work!


  7. Just beautiful.....Hope your mum is doing alright.

  8. Yup, humbled. I can totally relate.

    A very beautiful wall hanging.

  9. Just found your blog and the wall hanging as well.
    SEW beautiful. You Mum did lovely work.


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