Monday, 11 April 2011

Sewing Accessories PDF pattern

The pattern for my sewing accessories set, the companion set for my sewing machine cover, is finally available at the shop! This pattern, 'Beyond Measure' Part II, was originally published in the January 2011 issue of Australian Homespun magazine.
The set consists of a sewing machine mat, thread catcher and pincushion, made from a linen/cotton blend fabric and the vibrant 'Hope Valley' by Denyse Schmidt 

The machine mat is designed to sit beneath your sewing machine. I have been surprised at how the mat has reduced vibration of my machine, and helps to prevent my sewing from slipping off onto the floor! The quilted mat has a pocket panel, which overhangs your workspace, providing lots of storage nooks for your sewing tools of trade. It has piping trim, and is embellished with a twill tape, printed with 'measuring tape' markings.  

The thread catcher attaches to the mat using magnetic clips. It is removable for emptying. It sits conveniently at my right hand, ready and waiting for my snipped threads. Of course, if you're left handed, you could simply switch it to the other side of the mat. It has simple running stitch embroidery and pearl button embellishment.  
The pincushion is a simple, rectangular design and has a handy scissor keep at one end. It is embellished with running stitch detail on the side panels.
Details of the exact sizes of these accessories can be found in the shop listing.

As for my machine cover, I made up a second set in a contrasting set of fabrics. I have maintained the same linen fabric, but have used Moda's Martinique line, for a different look:
The 'measuring tape' twill ribbon I used in these projects can be purchased at The Home Patch, who readily do mail orders. They sell the ribbon in metric and imperial markings.
And I changed the button detail to a 'bloom' alternative:
Both 'Beyond Measure' Part I and Part II are available in the shop as PDF downloadable patterns for AU$8.50 each. 

For a limited time, if you'd like to purchase both patterns, you can have them for AU$15! Just click on the 'Bloom' sale link in my shop if you'd like to take advantage of this offer.


  1. Wow, this is a wonderful addition to you sewing machine cover. I am so impressed. Stand up and take a bow!! ~karen

  2. Must be great to see all your hard work now at this point. Well done.....enjoy the school holidays too.

  3. Muito,mas muito bonito mesmo!!!!!

  4. love love love it! and always up for a sale (I was going to get the cover anyway! yay!) payday on Thursday :)

  5. They are lovely sewing accessories Bloom. You've done a great job, I couldn't say no. Thanks.

  6. This makes me all sorts of happy! I love it! Thanks for inspiration on a scraps will become fun little accessories before the week's end. Cheers!

  7. Will check which part of the pattern I have and then get the other half! Where did you purchase the linen from???

  8. A Beautiful Set will you be producing Paper Patterns for Sale..

  9. I'm just blown away by your attention to detail! This is a wonderfully useful set and really pretty. I'm off to the shop ... clever you :-)

  10. I like your beautiful works.
    I congratulate them
    Have a good day
    tijeras y cuchara

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  12. Hello - I came across your blog after finding an image of your sewing accessory bags on Pinterest while I was searching for some fresh ideas for my handbag website (no don't worry, not to copy :) )- I am glad I found your blog, you do great work - do you sell any of your finished work?

    This is where I saw your sewing accessories image on Pinterest -


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