Sunday, 10 April 2011

The peace of a garden

How quickly the first term of school has flown by. It has been a busy time in our household. But it is the destruction, natural and manmade, in the wider world in the last three months that has left me overwhelmed and seeking shelter in my garden. I took some photos in the late afternoon sun on Friday, drawing breath and seeking some serenity! 
 Diaphanous diascia!
 French Delbard rose,'Camille Pissarro ...
 ... bathed ever so briefly in the warm light of a setting sun.
Nodding heads of the David Austin rose, 'Lichfield Angel'.
Pert prettiness of the lovely 'Jane McGrath' rose.
 Lipstick pink salvia, making a bold and saucy statement ...
... matched only by the drama of some hot red snapdragons!
But these dwarf, showy wannabes will soon be eclipsed by the brilliant autumn colour that is developing with Acer x freemanii 'Autumn Blaze'!

How's the serenity, eh?!


  1. Beautiful photos, your roses are gorgeous! Enjoy the holidays...

  2. 'Camille Pressaro' you take my breath away with your beauty! Georgeous pics.

  3. Beautiful garden photos! A garden is a wonderful place to relax and destress.

  4. beautiful flowers. Oh how I do love David Austin roses. But the colour in the Jane McGrath rose is stunning.

  5. Gorgeous! Thanks for the tour, it all looks wonderful - a great place to forget about what's on the news.

  6. My garden is where I can breathe and relax. You have captured great beauty here. LOVE it!

  7. what absolutely beautiful flowers, your garden is beautiful. my garden is my haven too.
    enjoy the autumn colours
    j x

  8. Lovely, thanks for sharing :o)

  9. Still finding it strange to be looking at a beautiful autumn in your photos when we are marching into Spring.

    Autumn is fab though - so great to see it again.

  10. Such beautiful pictures! Thanks for sharing!

    Best wishes,

  11. Ahhh - that sun on your roses is so beautiful. And the colours of autumn - they are truly providing such comfort at the moment as we hurtle through this year. I travel to university, fretting over essays and exams and see the leaves and sigh. It has been the truly worst state to a year our poor planet's had in my memory. Lets hope things improve!

  12. So beautiful your roses! It always is a delight to visit your blog (not only for your gardening treasures!).
    We are heading to summer and the roses to come. I'm looking forward to it! Enjoy many lovely autumn days!

  13. Hi. I have a question for you :) I moved into a house with a whopping 55 rose bushes - glorious! I have pruned, fertilised, watered, sprayed etc. Every one of the bushes has budded, except for my Jane McGraths (there are 5 of them). Do you find yours later to flower than your other bushes?


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