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Monday, 2 August 2010

Daybook entry #5

Outside my window ... it is dark and very cold. The kids went off to school today excited by the forecast of 'snow showers' and it didn't disappoint:
I am hearing ... my daughter doggedly practising scales for a fast approaching piano exam (AMEB 6th grade for those of you who know about these things).
I am reading ... Jane Eyre ... again! I was introduced to the world of the Bronte sisters by my aunt when I was about twelve, with my first copy of Jane Eyre. I still love it. From the sublime to the ridiculous (!), I have just finished reading this:
From time to time, I like to read the books my children are reading. This one belongs to my 11-year-old son and is about a young boy who has lie-detecting nipples!! Every time he is exposed to a lie, his nipples go all 'feather duster' and itch - you can only imagine the adventures that might lead to!
I am wondering ... which of my birthday purchases I might start first! It was my birthday last Friday and in what is fast becoming a tradition, I visited Hatched & Patched with my Mum, and returned with appropriate birthday booty.
Should I start this? A sweet felt needlecase, scissor fob & pincushion set called 'Bluebirds in the Hedgerow' by Diane Leftwich:
Or this? A new release quilt pattern from the always divine Joanna Figueroa of Figtree Quilts:
Or perhaps this? 'Petite Sewing Kit' by Hatched & Patched:
I am spoilt for choice! If I don't get off this computer, I won't make a start on anything. A perfect night for sitting in the toasty warm & doing some stitching.


  1. Happy Birthday for the 30th Muriel :) You got some great presents.
    My DS & DD are huge Morris Gleitzman fans.
    Much Love
    Nellie xx

  2. Happy Birthday! If it were my choice, I'd start with the petite sewing kit - I really like that !


  3. Happy Birthday!!!

    Wonderful purchases! I would start with the felt needlecase. I love those bluebirds.

  4. Happy belated birthday! Ah, such a wonderful problem to have...with all those choices of fun things to do! Enjoy them all!

  5. It is funny to see that picture of snow when it is 100+ degrees here in the Southwest US.

  6. Happy be-lated Birthday. You have good taste, all your birthday booty look Fab!

  7. Funny to see your winteron the other side of the world,you can visit our sommer here in Finland, i think that it feels better(on my blog)Nette

  8. I adore ALL of your birthday purchase!!
    Happy belated birthday!

  9. happy birthday for last week...........mine is coming up soon.....I have read some of the kids books......some are quite interesting........have you read an Emily Rodda books???? Detora Quest series......
    I have the petite sewing bag stitcheries done need to get them made up into a bad now........

    feels like our wind is coming off snow........

  10. happy birthday a bit late. Boy does that snow look good - here it is 7:30 p.m. and 83*F with very high humidity! So what did you pick to start? I love all and can't wait to see your progress.

  11. Happy Birthday for last week. What a lovely lot of projects to choose from, enjoy!

  12. Happy Belated Birthday.... :o)
    What alovely treat to have a visit to Annies shop... i know I would have loved that.. love yur purchases.. I surely couldnt chose on what to start.. everything is just soooo pretty!!!
    And oh my gosh.. those snowflakes... bad reminder for me... still summer .. but I know.. winter will sneak up on me FAST!!!! :o))

  13. Hi there! I have really enjoyed reading your blog...the garden tours and photos, the quilting pics and info (I have bought my first book and am ready and raring to go!!) Your pictures are a continual source of inspiration! I have linked you to my blog, as I hope others find your page as great as I do! Bless you always,
    shani @

  14. Belated Birthday Greetings!
    I too loved Jane Eyre and often used it in exams. Maybe I too should re read it.

  15. Oh, my, snow in August! Today, here in Texas, USA, it is 95 deg F (35 deg C) The thought of snow seems wonderful!! I am ready for cooler weather!! I love the Blossie Bag!


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