Friday, 7 May 2010

Awww, but I AM doing the washing ...

Kona solids washed & ready ...
... for more of these, Paintbox quilt-a-long blocks:
Kona solids are hard to come by in Australia. I have purchased mine from Fabric Shack. The staff are very helpful, willing to do 1/8 yard cuts (!) and manage to get a whopping 9 yards of fabric in an International envelope.
"Muuum, I'm out of clean undies again." Hmmm, must go ... !


  1. I've never even seen Kona's here in Australia, just homespuns really. You colours look wonderful, now you get to iron them.

  2. I love buying Kona solids from the Fabric Shack . . . they have such a great selection!

  3. The solid colors work so well in the blocks. I see why you needed so much variety in color.

  4. Oh, those colors in your laundry basket are just yummy!


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