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Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Parisian vintage treasures

I received lots of special mail while I was away. The generosity of bloggers always takes me by surprise & warms my heart. This package arrived from Petit Détails, all the way from beautiful Paris:
Petit Détails is one of my favourite blogs to read; an inspiring place to be, with beautifully stitched pieces, often using linen & sublime combinations of soft red, white & blue. There is a serenity & elegant simplicity about this blog that I really love. And I love to see the amazing vintage items she manages to find in the flea markets of Paris. What treasures she has unearthed! Here are just a few of the delightful images from her blog:
So of course, when Petit Détails was offering a chance in a giveaway of vintage fabrics, I had my name in the draw as a quick as a flash. And I was lucky enough to be drawn the winner! Her parcel arrived and beautiful it is!! All of it, right down to the birdy swing card & the lace tie! 
What really took my breath away was the red & white trim with my initials - that is VERY special. It will be treasured. I have a plan for making something special with these. Not sure how long it will take me to get around to it, but I have a plan! Back soon, with more special mail deliveries.


  1. What a lovely post. I so enjoyed those images. You are a very lucky winner indeed!

  2. What a beautiful win Ros, very lucky. I just love that initialed ribbon, I could almost use that :)

  3. Love your win and thanks for the wonderful link..:o)

  4. Now that is a really good win , lucky you .

  5. Lucky you. The projects from Petit Détails look very cute.

  6. oooh how lovely! The tape is extra nice - and her colours are gorgeous - I'm off to check her out - thanks for the introduction!

  7. oooh! you're one lucky girl! thanks for the link-can't wait to browse 'cuz i need another blog to love (ha, ha)

  8. Thank you again (and again) for participating in the giveaway. And thanks so very much for the generous, kind post. It was truly a pleasure to send the fabrics and trim to you. You will surely work wonders with them! Encore merci !

  9. I agree with you, there is something about the french vintage fabrics and small things. You are so lucky, thank you for sharing the blog with us


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